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Transform any room into something really unique with tapestries!  Our tapestry store supplies hand crafted art, displayed all around the world for ages with beautiful grand designs.  Lay your tapestry on any bed as an accent bed cover or use as a blanket during spring and summer nights.  They are all made with 100% cotton and ORGANIC vegetable dye.  You can hang them on the wall in a particular room you desire to liven up.  Whether it be your patio or porch, put one up in the garage where your band practices, an art or music studio, yoga/meditation room, dorm room, prayer room, game room and in your man cave.  The artwork varies from symbolic angels, intricate patterns, whimsical fairies and trippy designs to the wise Buddha and mythical Gods like lord Ganesha and Shiva.

Do you have any little ones in your life?  Children love these colorful works of art!  Consider browsing our catalog through the drop down menu or using the links below.  We also have bright, fun colors for their bedrooms, dorm rooms or as personal blankets. We want to be a part of the happiness you get when you do something new for your home and loved ones. Don’t forget to take your tapestry with you to lay out on at concerts, picnics, poolside, the beach and any fun festivals you are attending.  They are an art filled spread, sure to get many admirers and compliments.  Nonetheless, the possibilities are endless.

Tapestries also make for excellent gifts, art has meaning and is always a thoughtful present.  So now we leave you with this question, how will you use your tapestry?  Use hashtag #wildlotusbrand on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to post and share all of your ideas.  This is art!  Show us how you add it to your unique home and life while inspiring others to do the same.


Full Size: Approximately 90 x 80 Inches

Twin Size: Approximately 80 x 55 Inches

P.S. Take a look on Pinterest for examples! You will see how folks all around the globe are using, representing and loving their tapestries!

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